Tuesday, June 26, 2012

what i've been wearing

Nordstrom top & skinnies, Loft jacket, Me Too flats
Loft maxi & tank, REI sandals
Ruche top, Gap red skinnies, REI sandals, Costco purse
Nordstrom top, Loft shorts, REI Dansko sandals
Loft top, Nordstrom denim, REI sandals, Costco purse

Photograph below is the result of Husband being home, while outfit photo was in process.
Shouldn't all outfit posts be this classy?

I've been acclimating myself to Pittsburgh this past week, so these photos are from the week before that.  This week I have not taken one single photo of clothing.  
And it has been wonderful.  
Actually I'm totally lying.  
I have been wearing some cute-cute stuff this week {because it's so much easier to do that with no kids and no work and no cleaning and no cooking} and I was dying {nothing dramatic or whiny, no worries} to photograph my ensembles.  But our hotel room was lacking even one full-length mirror.  And I was able to convince myself {just barely} that standing on the toilet to get a full-person shot did not an ideal outfit-photo make.

As always, you're most kindly welcome.

pleated poppy


  1. i love that horse print top! so cute.

  2. I love all your looks! You have such great style!

    followme@ www.studentswife.com

  3. Love the looks, but my favorite picture is you sticking your tongue out! Hysterical! I need to find me a horse print top, that top from Nordstrom and that colorful, wavy top! Visiting from WIWW.


  4. I love that blazer and jeans look! Sorry about the no full-length mirror, gah!


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