Tuesday, July 31, 2012

we got the keys! all 40 of them!

This morning we sat around a table {in a real estate office} with the previous home owners, their realtor, our realtor, and a paperwork o-ffic-i-al.  It was formal and proper and all kinds of grown-up, something we never experienced with our previous house.  We all took turns signing paperwork and learning each other's financial business and wishing each other the best of luck.  It was almost like we suddenly knew people in Pittsburgh and had friends who invited us to dinner and got a big fat check in the end.

I call this one Hey I Have An Idea.  Instead of Having Just One Key, Let's Make a Key For Every Door!

Don't worry though.  A locksmith is on the way!  And we shall be down to one single key {or maybe two at the most} very soon.  There's nothing worse than not changing the locks and later finding the previous owner stopped by to take a shower and watch television.  I absolutely hate when that happens.  

the big {little} middle schooler.


Today we toured McKenna's new school {a giant middle school that is big and intimidating enough to make her mom a little nervous}.  Suddenly this little 5th grader will have her own locker, will be learning Spanish and will have access to a "snack line" with warm pretzels, Gatorade, and other unhealthy assortments {so, very similar to the lunches I used to pack for her in her lunch box}.  She will be roaming from class-to-class and I'll just be wondering if she is able to find her way around and if she is making any friends.  That first week, I am going to be terrified.  But McKenna?  That girl is going to rock it!

Monday, July 30, 2012

holy crap! i'm living there.

This evening was exciting for our Miss McKenna, who got to see our house for her first time and of course I had to capture her reaction on video!  I would have liked to get her expression as she entered the house, but the owners were home and in the process of moving out, so that would have been awkward.

*Pardon our loopiness.  We did just drive thousands of miles across the country and the long car rides have made us a little nutty.  Plus also, we're already a little naturally deranged anyway.

a cat reunion.

If the above photo doesn't just say it all.  

The second we got into Pittsburgh, we drove straight to the pet hotel to rescue Colt and Mojo.  Boy were those two not quite happy to see us.  But {as usual} we forced ourselves upon them and they soon had no choice but to cave in and enjoy the affection.  

Tonight we are all resting comfortably together in our Pittsburgh hotel.  We all agree that it's nice having these crazy critters back with our clan again after two whole weeks.  We missed their cuddles and purrs and nudges for attention.

And I kind of like being that crazy cat lady.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

six flags, st. louis. total fun.

Oh my goodness.  Friday and Saturday of this road trip were filled with nothing but pure fun!  We took two days off from driving to play at the amusement park in St. Louis.  Day one, we spent entirely in the water park, which was perfect because it was toasty hot, hot, hot.  We even went fancy and rented a cabana because fancy people have unlimited access to tubes, towels, and drinks.  Even if only for one day, it was good to be swimming lavishly.  

I call this one Weeeeeee!

I call this one You Peed?  Me Too!

I call this one I Win!

And I just want to point out that little McKenna survived the trap door slide below.  
She cray.

And who doesn't love floating along in a lazy river?

I call this one The Brothers Bennett.

I call this one Swan Lake.

I call this one Heidi's Tutu.

The Copa Cabana.  Because we're fancy like that.

The evening of day two was spent on the roller coaster side of the park.  Although we were adventurous in exploring other rides and coasters, we kept coming back to the group raft ride.  There's nothing like splashing-water-roulette and hoping everyone else gets wet but you.  

I call this one Nice Face.

We loved this ride so much, we rode it around 3 times in a row to shut the park down.  Then we got to enjoy the walk to the car in wet shorts.  Because that's always fun and never ever uncomfortable.

I call this one No!  Not my purse!

Noooooo!  Not My Purse!

Nooooooooooooooooo! Not My Purse!

It was a super awesome "farm-happy" visit with Jim and Heidi, this weekend!  They headed back home to their hills n' hollas in Tennessee and we drove forever and are now resting comfortably in a hotel in Dayton, Ohio.  Tomorrow we will be in Pittsburgh, where McKenna will see our house for the first time and we will be reunited with our cats {who probably hate our guts for putting them on an airplane and housing them in a kennel for two weeks}.

meet me in st. louis.

What a fun city is this St. Louis place!  We absolutely loved our visit.  And even more special - we got to spend time with way cool Uncle Jim and Aunt Heidi!  Errbody, errday!  We took a break this morning to visit The Gateway Arch.  What a spectacular sight!  And how are you supposed to get a picture of this thing?

From the outside of the arch, it's impossible to tell, but you can take a tram ride up to the top if you want to wait in a long line to sit in a cozy barrel in the dark.  The barrel has seating for five people you wouldn't mind getting squishy with for the four minute ride to the top.

I call this one No Thanks Tram Ride, We'll Just Take a Photo in This Fake One.

We walked through the museum in the visitor center and it was quite impressive.  And free.  And air conditioned.

I call this one I'm Just Not Really into History Much.

Totally loving on St. Louis and wishing we had more time to play.  We heard the zoo is admission-free and perhaps we'll save time on our next visit.  Tomorrow it's back on the road for this family, though.  We are getting closer to Pittsburgh with one more stop in Dayton on the way!  It's still hard to believe we are moving {even though we are closer to Pittsburgh now than Spokane}.   I'm sure it will sink in though, when we pick up our new house keys on the 31st!


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