Monday, July 9, 2012

100 degrees of coeur d'alene.

Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.  
The Lake.  

The beach/resort/downtown Coeur D'Alene area is only a quick 30 miles from Spokane and is a super fun way to beat the heat on a hot, summer day.  It's been a summer staple for our family - a free place to get some sun and play in the sand.  When the kids were much younger, they thought this giant lake was the ocean {so obviously when we had an opportunity to visit the real ocean they were absolutely astonished}.  Throughout summer weekends, the park is filled with live music, picnicking families, snack stands, and crazy swimmers who don't seem to mind freezing cold lake water.

Sunday we tried to beat the 100 degree temps at the lake, along with EVERYONE ELSE.  The kids were able to jump in the lake to cool off, but since I am allergic to cold or even tepid water above my knees, I died a little bit of extreme melting.  Thank goodness for sno-cones, I was revived to only-slightly-delirious status.  We were just very happy to pass our time in the sun, devour some flavored ice, and earn a few gazillion more freckles on our smiling faces.  If this is our last visit to the lake before we move, we end on an abundantly satisfying note.

Kids & freckles are just the best.

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