Wednesday, July 18, 2012

an empty house and good friends.

I LOVE movers!  Love, love, love!  If you've ever moved, then you know how much it stinks to pack up the house and load it all into a truck and then unload it all into a new place and then unpack it all.  Since Husband and I have been married, we have had to go through that process 7 times {this is our 8th move}.  One time we actually went through the process, only to move again two weeks later.  Ugh.  This is our first experience with a moving company and boy do we feel spoiled.  It has been a super awesome experience {I laze by a pool and host pool-play-dates, whilst someone else does all the heavy lifting}.  Nice.  Non-overwhelming.  I still have my wits about me {oh yes I do, Husband}.  And when I walked into the house to see it {just about} empty, it was more of a feeling of relief than anything else.  With our stuff gone, it just feels like, well... an empty house.  And one that could use a good scrubbing!  I realize that when I leave Spokane, I am leaving with everything that really matters to me - my little family, my cats, and my collection of clothing {yes, in that order}.  Everyone else important will either visit or be visited.  We'll stay connected.

And while movers were busy making my life easier, some of Jackson's friends took the time to make his life a little brighter.  Jackson felt like king for a day.  It was a perfect send-off before we head out on the road {in only TWO days!!!!}.

These boys will still stay connected through the powers of Xbox 360, by which they can talk and play together in the virtual world.
Technology never ceases to amaze me.

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  1. Wow! We have moved 7 times in 10 years too. Just moved a month ago. Should have paid for movers to save myself some sanity but thank goodness for friends! Good luck with your move.




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