Monday, July 2, 2012

another hoopfest kind of day.

Today wrapped up Hoopfest 2012, complete with beautiful weather, good food, large crowds {have I mentioned how much I absolutely love crowds?}, basketball galore, rows of honey buckets, and fun in the park.  Jackson's team won not a single game, but the boys had fun, which is really all that matters {that's what they tell me anyway}.  

I wish I could describe to you the amount of people that is Hoopfest.  Entire streets are shut down and turned into basketball courts.  Bridges are closed and used to house basketball courts.  People are everywhere - playing basketball, watching basketball, walking, standing, sitting, eating, you-name-it.  Our downtown mall is wall-to-wall people, lined up to eat in the food court, use the bathrooms, and simply find a place to cool down.  The park is filled with food stands, craft booths, bouncy castles, and of course, jammed with people.  It's insane.  If you're like me, Hoopfest supplies the perfect opportunity for a major claustrophobic meltdown, bringing joy and all kinds of merrymaking to those around you.  

What?  Sarcastic?  Me?  Surely you jest.


  1. That looks like so much fun? Is this a yearly thing, and where is it held?? My husband and brothers would love this sort of thing!


    1. It happens every year, last weekend in June and it takes place in Spokane, Washington. We plan to fly back every year for as long Jackson wants to play in it. It's an amazing amount of people and very well organized. We have been participating for years, yet I am always amazed at seeing all of the downtown streets shut down to be turned into rows and rows of basketball courts. I highly recommend seeing it!


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