Thursday, July 26, 2012

driving across missouri and then sticking in st. louis for a while.

Kansas City, Missouri.  Hottest place ever.  We liquified into puddles and I was too melted to blog about it last night.  Please forgive me, pretty please.  Our hotel was lovely and very close to a wonderful shopping district, which we tried our best to explore in the 114 degree humidity {not quite successfully}.  And we tried our best to enjoy a pasta dinner at Buca's, but then a gigantic group of talkative twenty-somethings held a party at the table next to ours and it sort of put a damper on our dining experience.  We did find joy in mimicking the different bouts of laughter {more like cackling} from that table, however.  

Anyway, after all of the fields of corn in Nebraska and Iowa, the giant city buildings were a welcoming sight.  It's funny how happy I become when I know I am in a town with an Anthropologie.  

Our Kansas City hotel was once a historic apartment building and therefore it had those small, beautiful details that you find in such places.  Like the small milk closets photo'd below...

I call this one The Transient Life Style.

And then this morning, we enjoyed an early lunch at the cutest diner that there ever ever was.  And it was in that diner that I also learned just how I react when I find a spider crawling up my arm.  Apparently {according to Husband}, I didn't freak out as much as he thought I would, even though I still freaked out.

I call this one Best Photo of My Boys Ever.

I call this one We Are Out of The Corn, Amen.  Look!  Trees!  Green Ones!

And after 4 hours of driving {playing leap frog with semi trucks}, we arrived safely in St. Louis!  Although we really have only been to the hotel and haven't even seen the arch yet, we think this city is the bomb.  And if we go out exploring tomorrow and discover that St. Louis is really not the bomb {which I know is impossible}, at least our hotel is still a glorious retreat.  I mean, just look at this thing...  Spoiled much?  Yes.

We are sticking around in St. Louis for a few days to play!  Husband's brother and sister in law are visiting here from Tennessee and we plan to enjoy some much needed family time together!


  1. Looks like you are having fun on this road trip. Errr I mean transient life, LOL. It's a great way to see the grand US of A!
    Wish I was splashing around in all those pools you kids are at!

  2. Boy the steak sandwich looks totally delicious!!! And I love the hotel, it is so fun to stay in a historic lodging especially with a pool so everyone can have fun and chill out! Great choice! Have fun with the family in St Louis. Meet me in St Louis Louis meet me at the fair!


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