Sunday, July 15, 2012

driving around town in a u-haul.

Holy shmokes!  
The movers come tomorrow!  
We have reached our final night in this house!!! 
It's about time.

This morning, the mister and I rented a u-haul and brought everything down from that darn spider-infested storage unit.  It's all now stacked safely inside our garage, just waiting to be loaded into a giant truck with all of our other household collections.  Thank goodness I don't have to be the one to do that exciting packing/loading part!  I hope to be lounging at the hotel pool while that crazy business is going down.  
Come.  I've got some u-haul photos to share with you.

I call this one 'hot u-haul guy.'

Just look at all that junk we can't live without...

Empty!  It's all yours, spiders!

 Closing up shop.  Goodbye monthly storage payments.

Moving?  Yes.

 Finished just in time!

Cute girl rides with Dad.  Onward to the dump!

 Hello, Spokane Waste to Energy Disposal & Recycling Site!

What is that smell?  Is it safe to open my mouth in this place?
I wanted to title the photo 'McKenna takes a dump' but she would have killed me, so I'm being sneaky with the small font.

I honestly thought that by now I'd be all emotional and misty-eyed over this being our last night in the house.  But I'm actually just feeling quite ready to get on with things.  The house is in disarray; suitcases everywhere, wall hangings everywhere, rugs rolled up, piles of bedding to be laundered amongst all of the other fun laundry, no good food in the cupboards, and the television sets are about to be removed and unplugged.  I'm ready to surrender this place to the moving company and head out!  

I'm still keeping a box of tissue available in case my emotions do suddenly come gushing forth.

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  1. Moving day is finally here!! That's crazy. I'm sure you got a little more teary-eyed when you had to drive away from the empty house. But SO FUN to be able to move to a new place!! Hooray for no more storage unit payments!!


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