Tuesday, July 10, 2012

the fact of the matter is, we're going to miss this place.

I'm not a professional at this business of moving {as you can tell I went and dedicated a whole blog to the process}, but I am learning as I go along.  I do know that I have passed through different stages of acceptance {not dissimilar to grief}.  At first I was straight up in denial.  Congratulations on your job promotion sweetheart!  But no.  Sorry.  We can't.  We won't.  Impossible.  I never went through an angry phase thankfully, but I did get sort of snobbish.  Okay, so you want to move?  Then I'll just let you figure all that out.  And what else I did during this process was try to justify leaving a wonderful city, by putting it down as much as possible.  Every other Facebook post was an article on Spokane's rising crime rate, and although worrisome yes, I was only focusing on how suddenly horrible this town had become.  Can you believe there were 32 burglaries in a week?  OMG.  We have got to get out of this place before we become victims!  But now that we are moving - next week - I have reached a level of acceptance.  I have realized I can both love Spokane and be leaving it, at the same time.  I can leave on a good note, remembering the friendships we've built and the growing we have done here.  Spokane has given us more opportunities than we could imagine and we leave thankful and fulfilled.  We rode this ride to the end, happy and grateful and full of love for this beautiful Lilac City and the people who fill it up.

Our last days are being spent with friends, while we also get organized.  Jackson is spending time with his first friend he ever made in Spokane.  They have suddenly found one another again, before we say goodbye.  McKenna is spending time with a dear friend who is her perfect fit and who she will miss greatly.  "Mom, is this the last time I will see Katie before we move," she runs into my bedroom in a panic.  No, you will see her again, I say.  Phew.  That goodbye is going to be the toughest.  Those silly girls have decided to get a really long rope when McKenna moves to Pittsburgh and whenever they want to see each other, they can just pull it.  I wish I had a rope for them.  

Spokane is a wonderful place to raise a family.  There, I said it.  No take backs.  But, Pittsburgh will be wonderful too!

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