Friday, July 6, 2012

the forgotten cupcakes.

We have an extra fridge/freezer downstairs in what we've dubbed "the tool room."  It's a small room that acts as the catchall for random stuff that doesn't belong anywhere else in the house; it's a food pantry/Costco product storage, tool room, cat restroom/eatery, furnace room, holder of a giant-empty oil tank, and yada yada yada.  Basically, it's where we put stuff to forget about it.  For example, I go to Costco and I load up on toothpaste.  I put one tube upstairs in the bathroom and the rest of the other toomany tubes down in "the tool room."  Then the following week, I go to Costco and buy toothpaste. It's not until I go to put the new box in the tool room that I realize... Oh geez.  Maybe we should have toothpaste for dinner.
Another example...Fourth of July cupcakes.  Hidden downstairs in the fridge.  Forgotten....

Until the 5th of July, that is.  When I had them all to myself.  And their delicious big frosting.  Yum.

So the moral of the story is {I guess} that sometimes it's good to put things in the fridge and forget about them.  I also noticed a whole entire box of unopened diet protein shakes down there too.  But I'm going to try to forget I saw those.  :)


  1. You should have invited me over. I would have helped you eat the cupcakes and then we could have brushed our teeth until we ran out toothpaste ;-) Or until we got sick!

    1. Oh my gosh, you made me blow snot! :) You are a funny one, Miss Bre!


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