Saturday, July 14, 2012

house dreaming.

I'm knee-deep in getting our Spokane house ready to be put into boxes and so my thoughts are very much on this place, which is not really where I want our family to be focused right now when there is so much to be looking forward to!  So, I went and put our Pittsburgh home photos into a slideshow so we can get super excited about what lies ahead for us.  Only three out of the five of us have ever even seen the new house in person {me, Husband, and Jackson}, so I am so ridiculously looking forward to the day when the girls see it for themselves for the first time.  McKenna will see it for her first time when we pull into the driveway on closing day.  Elyssa will see it a couple weeks after that, when she finally flies out to Pittsburgh after a few more adventures with friends and family.

So for now... it's a video to keep us enthusiastic!

                          Home by Phillip Phillips

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