Wednesday, July 4, 2012

husband said this would happen.

For the past forever, I have been itching to take things off the walls.  I desperately wanted to patch and paint the little nail holes, getting this place nice n' neat for the next owners.  It has taken all the patience in the world for me to wait until an appropriate time to sparse-ify this house {appropriate time = when husband is away on business because I'm still trying to hide from him how completely insane I am and I think this system might be working}.  Well, that man finally left for Boston this morning! He's still up in the air right now and in the time that he's been stuck up there, I have managed to remove all wall decor, patch all holes, and repaint the spots.  Ba-BAM!  I don't really know what I'm up to or trying to prove with all of this organization and prep work.  I mean, we have a moving company coming in to box up all of our crap.  I don't even have to be breaking a sweat over this.  But the OCD wins again.

Help me feel better.  What ridiculous things does your OCD make you do?

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  1. When I put laundry on the clothesline I have to hang it longest item to shortest item...and if I discover say a larger towel after I have things already on the line...I take them off and put the towel in the proper husband thinks I'm crazy.


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