Wednesday, July 11, 2012

the kids have big bedroom plans.

I've taken time out this week to get the kids excited about designing their new bedrooms {to balance out the worry of saying goodbye to friends}.  Painting furniture may not be the most genius activity to partake in when soon that furniture will be rattling around in a large moving truck, but I think I've prepared them with a good deal of time left to really dry before that happens.  And also, why the heck not?  It gets the kids looking forward to the new house!  A few scratches can easily be touched up, right?  Right.  So, McKenna is looking forward to a blue room with her black/white polka dot bed and wanted her dressers painted in bright rainbow format.  Here's a look at what I did for her...

I can't wait to see them in her new room.  She loves them, thank goodness.  Because that was time consuming!  Did you know can buy little jars of paint samples?  That's how I was able to inexpensively use so many colors.  Walmart has a great selection of colors, as does Ace Hardware.

And then there's Jackson, who is going for a football theme: Seahawks vs. Steelers, to be exact.  So, one dresser is dedicated to the Seattle team in blue and green and the other dresser is decked out like a bumble bee for the Pittsburgh team.  This is such a huge deal, coming from a kid who refused ever to root for those Steelers.  He's striking a balance between old and new.

Elyssa has yet to plan her room, but I know she will be steering far away from the lime green bedroom walls she's been living with for the last few years.  It will be exciting to see how each room turns out.  They will each be so different and unique to each kid and I am a big supporter of allowing them to decide and plan and create their own space.

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