Thursday, July 5, 2012

last fourth in spokane.

Husband left for Boston early-early-early this morning, so we had to get all Fourth-of-July-festive without him.  We were just a small bunch, but I still wanted to celebrate and get into the 'merican spirit, since it is our last Independence Day in Spokane.  I also want to show my kids that they are reason enough to whoop it up.  We pigged out, made a mess with Pop-Its, roasted s'mores, and then headed downtown for fireworks.  It was awesome.

And then those kids went and discovered my blog.  It's not like it has been a secret.  They've always known about it.  But tonight they've started reading it.  I hope they enjoy the story of our family {even the embarrassing stuff} and I hope they know how very much I love them and enjoy telling their story.

I love you Jackson and McKenna!  Thanks for a wonderful day!  Sweet dreams!

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