Saturday, July 14, 2012

a lion-cut above the rest.

Every summer, this cat gets fancy.  Ohhhh yeah.  

And speaking of cats, let's talk the business of getting them from one side of the country to the other.  Have you ever had to do it?  What was your experience?  We have been busy researching and planning just how we are going to go about getting Colt and Mojo {our two feline family members} from Spokane to Pittsburgh.  It turns out there are pros and cons to all options available, but we had to really consider our two cat's personalities and temperaments and make a decision that would be in their best interest and safety.
Our cats HATE car rides {as do most cats}.  And by nature, one is a scaredy cat while the other is an adventurous-but-constant-meower and neither are very tolerant of the other.  Initially, we thought we could make a comfortable area for them in the back of our car {set up a food/water dish, a litter box and some comfy perches}, but when we thought about it further, we were worried about their safety in the hot, summer weather.  It's a long drive each day and we'll have to stop for breaks and meals.  Leaving two cats in a car is not an option in this weather.  The goal is to have them arrive alive {we love these pain-in-the-butt cats}.  
So, with the car option out, we looked into shipping the cats; options are available by ground and by air for a not-small fee {and no, FedEx does not ship pets}.  We discovered that Delta has a Pet First program for shipping animals and after speaking with an airline representative, we feel confident that flying the cats to Pittsburgh is our best option.  I know there are plenty of warnings online regarding pet air travel, but there are just as many warnings about car travel and there are citations for leaving pets inside of parked vehicles on hot days.  Animals are not allowed to fly in weather over 85 degrees, so their safety is considered. 
Basically it's this:  either option equals unhappy cats, but it's either unhappiness for 3 weeks or unhappiness for 7 hours.  I'm sure if either one could speak, they wouldn't pick either option, but after much coaxing they might consider 7 hours in a plane.  

No matter what, Colt is going to be one fancy flier in his new lion coiffure.  

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