Sunday, July 29, 2012

meet me in st. louis.

What a fun city is this St. Louis place!  We absolutely loved our visit.  And even more special - we got to spend time with way cool Uncle Jim and Aunt Heidi!  Errbody, errday!  We took a break this morning to visit The Gateway Arch.  What a spectacular sight!  And how are you supposed to get a picture of this thing?

From the outside of the arch, it's impossible to tell, but you can take a tram ride up to the top if you want to wait in a long line to sit in a cozy barrel in the dark.  The barrel has seating for five people you wouldn't mind getting squishy with for the four minute ride to the top.

I call this one No Thanks Tram Ride, We'll Just Take a Photo in This Fake One.

We walked through the museum in the visitor center and it was quite impressive.  And free.  And air conditioned.

I call this one I'm Just Not Really into History Much.

Totally loving on St. Louis and wishing we had more time to play.  We heard the zoo is admission-free and perhaps we'll save time on our next visit.  Tomorrow it's back on the road for this family, though.  We are getting closer to Pittsburgh with one more stop in Dayton on the way!  It's still hard to believe we are moving {even though we are closer to Pittsburgh now than Spokane}.   I'm sure it will sink in though, when we pick up our new house keys on the 31st!

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  1. Fun pictures. I think I would have opted for the fake one and not taken the tram ride too. :)


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