Tuesday, July 3, 2012

no offense but mojo kind of likes it when husband prepares for travel.

Cats, cats, cats.  
What are we going to do with them when we move?
We are taking them with us, of course!
Which begs the question... How in the heck?
And I'll tell you just how our two spoiled felines will be making the trek.
We are setting up 'Luxury Cat Hotel' in the back of the SUV, that's how.
We are driving two cars across the many states to Pittsburgh and one entire rear cargo area will be dedicated to comfy cat beds, soft blankets, food & water, and even a cat litter box {which husband will gladly pull over to clean out the second it is used so that the driver might not suffer too uncomfortably}.  
I am 100 percent sure that in the first hour of the moving-vehicle experience, the cats will be performing a chorus of unhappy meows, and I really hope that it doesn't bother too much, the driver of that vehicle {because I'm going to try hard to make that not be me}.
Love you, Honey!

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