Sunday, July 8, 2012

of which she stayed up all night to make a video and cry.

Seven years equals a lot of changes in childhood.  Seven is the number of years our family has spent growing and blossoming in our Spokane home.  As we have each grown in our own unique way, becoming more independent by the hour, we still find joy in being together, under one roof.  There are days we love to be with friends and branch out into the world.  And there are days when it's nice to simply be at home. Comfort.

Elyssa was 9 when we moved to Spokane; a big fourth-grader who was quiet and hard-working and the favorite student.  Although she was shy at first, she built lasting friendships that she still carries to this day.  Her 6th grade teacher put the word 'doctor' before her name because she was good in math and science.  At home, she has always been a caring sister, taking time to include her younger siblings.  She is absolutely adored by McKenna.  Elyssa adapts easily to new situations and goes with the flow.  She is a good friend who cares deeply and passionately.  She has always been able to read people and empathize.  She follows the rules to the tee, but loves a good laugh.
Today Elyssa is 17 and a high school graduate, getting ready for college.

Jackson was 5 when we moved to Spokane; a kindergartener who was shy and careful.  Although crazy and funny and wild at home, his teachers have always insisted he is the ideal student at school.  He has always been a little goof ball who loves playing with his little sister, often getting pestered by her, as little sisters can be a challenge sometimes.  Jackson has spent many hours of his Spokane childhood shooting hoops in the driveway.  He loves basketball.  And shopping.  He enjoys being busy and lazy days at home are not his favorite.  He enjoys experiencing life, although he has his adventurous limits.  He is at his best when he feels safe and loved.
Today Jackson is 13 and going into the 8th grade.

McKenna was just shy of 3 when we moved to Spokane; a tiny, spunky, deep-voiced cutie-pie.  She has always been the outgoing one; the social butterfly.  She is a good student who loves her teachers and loves her best friends.  She is girly one day and a tomboy the next.  She is a funky monkey who is naturally gifted in HipHop dance and can be found dancing in front of the tv or computer screen daily.  She loves being at home.  Through her young elementary school years, after I picked her up from school, she'd come right home, change into her pajamas and turn on the tv.  She knows how to relax and she knows how to have fun.  She is a cuddler and a hugger and a cozy-up-on-the-coucher.
Today McKenna is 10 and going into the 5th grade.

Here are a few snapshots {in video format} from our Spokane growing years.  It's not so much the Spokane part that makes me sentimental, it's the lightening rate of speed at which my children seem to grow.  Where does the time go?  Was I a good enough parent?  Have they had a happy childhood?  Do they know how much I love them?  Will there ever be anything better than being a mother because I don't think so.

All is Love from the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack


  1. I loved the video Misty. You always take great pictures and your children cooperate too. lol It is amazing how fast they grow. And hard to believe we have known you for 7 years already. Your family will be missed dearly. I am looking forward to following your blog and sharing with the kids what the Bennett family is up to. And by they way I am pretty sure you have been a great parent. :-) It shows in their happy faces and how much they love to be with their family.


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