Sunday, July 29, 2012

six flags, st. louis. total fun.

Oh my goodness.  Friday and Saturday of this road trip were filled with nothing but pure fun!  We took two days off from driving to play at the amusement park in St. Louis.  Day one, we spent entirely in the water park, which was perfect because it was toasty hot, hot, hot.  We even went fancy and rented a cabana because fancy people have unlimited access to tubes, towels, and drinks.  Even if only for one day, it was good to be swimming lavishly.  

I call this one Weeeeeee!

I call this one You Peed?  Me Too!

I call this one I Win!

And I just want to point out that little McKenna survived the trap door slide below.  
She cray.

And who doesn't love floating along in a lazy river?

I call this one The Brothers Bennett.

I call this one Swan Lake.

I call this one Heidi's Tutu.

The Copa Cabana.  Because we're fancy like that.

The evening of day two was spent on the roller coaster side of the park.  Although we were adventurous in exploring other rides and coasters, we kept coming back to the group raft ride.  There's nothing like splashing-water-roulette and hoping everyone else gets wet but you.  

I call this one Nice Face.

We loved this ride so much, we rode it around 3 times in a row to shut the park down.  Then we got to enjoy the walk to the car in wet shorts.  Because that's always fun and never ever uncomfortable.

I call this one No!  Not my purse!

Noooooo!  Not My Purse!

Nooooooooooooooooo! Not My Purse!

It was a super awesome "farm-happy" visit with Jim and Heidi, this weekend!  They headed back home to their hills n' hollas in Tennessee and we drove forever and are now resting comfortably in a hotel in Dayton, Ohio.  Tomorrow we will be in Pittsburgh, where McKenna will see our house for the first time and we will be reunited with our cats {who probably hate our guts for putting them on an airplane and housing them in a kennel for two weeks}.

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  1. That water park looks like sooo much fun!! I'm jealous.. The water park near my house isn't nearly as cool as that one :)



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