Monday, July 16, 2012

so that's that. we've been boxed.

Three terrific women pulled up in a big truck this morning to do the job I most dreaded; boxing up all of our possessions.  Looking it over last night, I would have guessed that job would've taken two days, but these people did it all today... by 3pm.  Amazing.  I think my family can go ahead and take a bit of the credit for that though, because we were so darn organized.  We nailed it, pretty much.  And therefore, it made their job easier.  I just know it.
We are officially out of the house now and staying at the hotel.  We've already spent much time at the hotel pool, which has been wonderful.  I am so emotionally exhausted, that it is nice to sit in the hot sun in a vegetative state.  I need that.  We did go up and take a peek at the house {post-boxing} and I surprisingly felt no sadness over seeing it all in nice, tidy, stacked squares.  And last night I was too tired to be emotional, after taking down all the tv's and wiring and patching holes.  Husband is feeling some sadness as things are packed away, but I think I've already taken my time to process this.  Having a blog is rather like journal writing.  I've been doing my emotional processing since January, so now in July... I just wanna get going on this.  We have yet to see the house empty though {thursday I think} and we have yet to drive away for our last time.  I still could fall apart.
What I'm looking forward to now, is two weeks on the road!  Vacation!!!!  It's so close, I can taste it!


  1. Oh my my...we are moving in October, and now I am VERY tempted to hire someone to box up our stuff. Definitely something to think about.

  2. If we ever move again...I'm totally hiring a moving company. Every move has been more and bigger...I cannot see moving all this mess ourselves haha. Hope all goes well!


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