Friday, July 13, 2012

sparkling up the yard.

Well then, that's that.  The backyard is all shiny and sparkly for the next owner.  Too bad I didn't clean it sooner for our own enjoyment.  But, it's juuuuussssssttttt sooooo hot outside.  And I've been busy, haven't I?  Don't you worry though.  There will be plenty of time to spend in the backyard of the new house!  So, for now it's clean, clean, clean...

One week left!  I can't even believe it.

We have just three nights left to sleep in this house.  The movers come on Monday and it's off to a hotel {with a pool!!!!!} for us.  These last days consist of Husband doing all of the hard stuff, like arranging travel, cat preparations, and getting appointments scheduled for important things in the new house - like electricity, garbage, cable, internet, etc.  As for me, I'm more of the physical labor type - the cleaning, organizing, packing, sifting, running to the dump and to Goodwill, etc.  We've always worked well as a team in that aspect.  He likes dealing with humans.  I like dealing with inanimate objects {they are far less intimidating}.  

And on a good note, I think we are feeling pretty good right now.  McKenna even spoke the word 'excited' last night.  This moving process {although nice and slow since January} has been a bit like pulling off a bandaid in the slowest, most methodical way ever and now I think we are all ready to just rip it off already.  Let's do this thing.  

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