Thursday, July 19, 2012

the homestretch is the hardest.

Today is our very last day in Spokane and so far it has been the hardest, emotionally {and physically I am finding}.  I suppose out of all the great days that we have had in this moving process, I am bound to have one bummer day.  I guess I can deal with that.  I am likening today to the last leg in a race, that last part where you run as fast as you can toward the finish line, giving it everything you have.  You feel like you're going to throw up and your heart is pulsing right out of your chest, but you keep running because you know it's going to feel so good in the end.  We are in the homestretch today, leaving me exhausted and out of breath.
We have made it to the end of our time here in Spokane.  And it's a messier ending than I thought it would be.  What is left at the very tail end of a move is kind of like the odd little bits in a junk drawer.  It's all those little things you have to deal with because you didn't think of them before.  We hadn't planned on doing any painting when we sold the house, yet my children and I found ourselves painting a bedroom last night and this morning.  And then there was the fridge/freezer that we forgot to empty in the kitchen.  So when the cleaning lady came in to clean the house {45 minutes late} and discovered a fridge full of food, she was not very impressed with me.  I had to clean it out as fast as possible, listening to how next time I shouldn't buy so much food if I am just going to move {my mom doesn't even lecture me like that.  i'm 38, lady}.  I had to pause just now.  Am I really 38?  I just had a birthday.  Let's see 1974 to 2012.  Yep, that sounds right.  And then after emptying the fridge, I thought I was done, said my goodbye, went out to the car, and realized I still needed to empty the freezer.  Walk of shame back into the house to empty more wasted frozen food products.  tsk, tsk.  
The kids are spending their very very last few hours with friends, milking it for all it's worth.  Going down holding onto their bff's like Kate and Leonardo on the Titanic.  The goodbyes are just hours from happening.  I'll never let go, Jack.  I'll never let go.
And then there is our disaster of a hotel room that will need to be packed up and organized back into the vehicles for our long drive tomorrow {and everyday after that for ten days}.  We also can't forget to leave our keys and garage door openers for the new owners.  That would stink.  And speaking of the new owners, I hope they don't notice the giant piece of paint chunk that stripped away from the wall when I removed a shelf in the bedroom.   And I also hope they don't mind that the garbage can outside is filled to the brim with all of the things that once existed in the refrigerator.

The best I can do is the best I can do.


  1. Sounds like a whirlwind of a day! Hope your evening is a little more relaxing...have a safe trip!

  2. Well Misty, it is done! And like Jackson said years ago, It's the best he can do, it's the best he can do! And you did a great job! You and Thomas make a great team and the kids have done well also! Proud of all and pray all goes very well tomorrow and you will be on a fantastic roadtrip!!! We will be thinking of you all and we shall see you soon! Love you! mom and dad


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