Monday, July 2, 2012


Jackson:  You aren't going to call your best friend back?

McKenna:  No. I wanna spend time with my brother. What's wrong with that?

Throughout this moving ordeal, I have been regularly concerned with how my children are handling the process.  I have given them space and freedom to feel their emotions - the good, bad, and ugly.  Above all, I am most grateful for having been able to give them time; time to come to terms, time to finish the school year, time to slowly say goodbyes to friends, time to visit our new home, time to dream of new bedrooms and how they might be decorated, and time to build confidence in themselves before taking on this new adventure, as we move across the country.

Time heals all wounds.  I'm not sure if this is exactly true in every situation, but time has definitely been our friend as we prepare to pack our house into boxes {18 days until moving day}.  Per Jack and McKenna, "Before we were mostly sad, but now we are mostly excited and only a little bit sad."  These two have been getting down to business, drawing out bedroom plans and paint color schemes, excited about larger bedroom space in the new house.  Jackson is also becoming quite the Steelers fan {when back in January he refused ever to root for that team}.  With time {January to July}, we have had time to contemplate change and the closer we get to packing, the more excited we are for those changes.  And what once frightened us, we can now laugh about.  McKenna asked yesterday, "Mom, do you think you'll cry when we drive away from the house?"  We all laughed when I displayed how I would dramatically sob, dragging myself out of the house and then we all decided we need to make a dramatic exit.  I think it was McKenna who suggested that she would grab onto the front porch and have to be carried from the house.  She was laughing and joking, of course.  And it was wonderful to see what time has done for each of us.

*Thanks to my mom and dad for a wonderful weekend visit!  Next time we see you, it will be in Pittsburgh and we look so forward to that day!  You will be missed and we love you so much.


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