Tuesday, July 31, 2012

we got the keys! all 40 of them!

This morning we sat around a table {in a real estate office} with the previous home owners, their realtor, our realtor, and a paperwork o-ffic-i-al.  It was formal and proper and all kinds of grown-up, something we never experienced with our previous house.  We all took turns signing paperwork and learning each other's financial business and wishing each other the best of luck.  It was almost like we suddenly knew people in Pittsburgh and had friends who invited us to dinner and got a big fat check in the end.

I call this one Hey I Have An Idea.  Instead of Having Just One Key, Let's Make a Key For Every Door!

Don't worry though.  A locksmith is on the way!  And we shall be down to one single key {or maybe two at the most} very soon.  There's nothing worse than not changing the locks and later finding the previous owner stopped by to take a shower and watch television.  I absolutely hate when that happens.  

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  1. Congrats Misty and Thomas and Jackson and McKenna and Elyssa when she gets there! Keys Keys Keys say ownership and I am not sure what 40 keys mean but it is so awesome the house is officially yours!!!! Enjoy to the max!!!


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