Sunday, July 22, 2012

wyoming from beginning to end.

Today was all about Wyoming and getting across it.  To break up the monotony of driving {still recouping from yesterday's Yellowstone driving adventure}, Husband signed us up for horseback riding this morning, just a mile down the road from our Cody, Wyoming hotel.  It was a new experience for Jackson and McKenna and they did crazy awesome.  Steep, rocky terrain?  No big deal for these two kids.

I call this one Husband Sees a Man About a Horse.

Three things I learned about horse-riding:
  1. Lean forward when riding up a hill.
  2. Lean back when riding down a hill. 
  3. Don't wear hoochie-mama shorts.  

And just so "yinz" know what it's like driving through some of Wyoming, meet Bighorn Canyon; a twisty-turny, dizzying, uphill highway of fun and nausea all rolled into one.  It truly is a spectacular sight and offers plenty of pull-off areas for viewing, but to use the word "curvy" just doesn't do it justice...

I call this one Oh My Freaking Goodness Let's Never Do That Again.

I call this one What Do You Mean We Have 250 Miles to Go?

It's been a loooooooooong day of driving, but we are finally settled into Rapid City, South Dakota, happily enjoying the water park that is so wonderfully attached to our hotel.

It's good to be homeless.


  1. What an exciting adventure, brings me back to my horseback experiences.
    Love horses they are incredible animals, we have 3 here on our farm that belong to our neighbors and we can touch them and talk to them everyday.
    Good times for all, I am so excited and happy for you all. Thanks for sharing your moments in time with us all. Love Aunt Kathleen

  2. so fun! we did a road trip 2 summers ago and it was our best vacation EVER! Can't wait to do it again! We loved Yellowstone and WY and the best was CODY!! We went to the rodeo there and stayed at the KOA campground.


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