Friday, August 31, 2012

filling mom's shoes.

McKenna has her sights set on my shoes, as her feet continue to grow ever closer to my shoe size.  Last night was all about chilling in mom and dad's room, trying on every single pair of shoes and dancing around.  No phone, no computer, I just sat on my bedroom floor and let my kids take center stage.  It's easy to let technology be a distraction, even with the best of intentions.  But this night, I simply let these crazies be my entertainment.  Boy do I love them.

no more awkward peekaboo with the next door neighbors.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful creators of clingy window privacy film {available at Home Depot for $19.99}.  Not only is it swell to look at, but it has taken some of the awkward out of my life, of which I am most appreciative.  Before window cling, my laundry room glared like a beacon aimed straight at the neighbor's driveway, signaling all wandering eyes to peek in and spy who might be folding laundry or ironing in their morning skivvies.  And it is a laundry room after all.  I don't know of anyone who looks their best or happiest or most dressed while laundering and folding clothes.  Wait a minute.  That might not be true.  I guess I wouldn't know since I never look in on people doing their laundry.  And now, thanks again to privacy window clings -in faux stained glass- other people will never know how I look when I do my laundry.  So there.  

Anyway, lots of photos of the same thing, but you get the idea.  The film came rolled up in one piece like a poster and about the same size of a large poster.  It's not adhesive, so it can be removed easily.  It works using static cling.  I had to measure for my separate window panes and cut carefully, so I could keep the picture uniform.  I then sprayed with water, attached the film, and used a small squeegee to smooth out the bubbles.  It took me about an hour and was super easy.  And now I don't have to worry about awkward waves when the neighbors walk or drive by.  Hip hip!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

painting the potty room.

One bathroom finished!  This is the hallway bathroom that the kids primarily use, so I wanted it to be nice, bright, and fun.  I'm all about working with what I already have and making inexpensive decor purchases to spruce things up.  In this case, the blue tub and tile.  Replacing that would be a cost and a chore!  In real life, I love the color {maybe not particularly for my tub} and I thought I could try to make it look purposeful.  You know, like I REALLY wanted a blue tub.  There was also that coastal wallpaper border to contend with. What was I going to do with that thing?  One one hand, I love lighthouses and the beach!  On the other hand, it is a wallpaper border and that might be "uncool."  What to do, what to do?

Well, as you know, I painted my kitchen yellow and I absolutely love the color.  And once I was finished, I had paint left over...enough for a small bathroom!!!  And then it hit me - A beach theme! -  the blue tile {ocean} and the yellow paint {sunshine}!  It's marvelous!  I even decided to leave the wallpaper border up, as uncool as it may be, because it helps bring the colors together and it's fun.  A quick run out to Home Goods {my new favorite decor store}, and I found two framed shell pictures and striped towels with THE EXACT SAME blue as the tub/tile!  Ba-Bam!

See below.  The ocean and and the sunshine!  Am I right?

And just so you know what I had to work with, below are the "Before" photos...

Goodbye, marbly-blue!  

And after... Hello, Mellow Yellow!

And now onto the next room project...

occasionally, one should listen to one's husband.

If you read yesterday's post, then you know all about the new yellow paint in the kitchen and nook.  Lurv it!  You might also remember a smaller table.  Back in our Spokane dining room, we only had space for the smaller table {when we put the leaf in, we couldn't get to the kitchen}, so we made do, 5 of us crowding around a table more comfortably made for four.  And my brain must have gotten stuck on that idea.  So, when Husband very smartly suggested, last night at dinner {around the small table} that we put the leaf in since we have more space in the room, I should have stood right up, done a happy dance, walked down to the garage to retrieve that table leaf, and snapped it right in.  Alas no.  I was more of a Debbie Downer.  I don't think there's enough room.  And once I find a dining room table and chairs, we'll be eating in the big dining room.  Wah, wah, wah.  

So, here I am this morning, doing a happy dance, thrilled that I realize occasionally my husband has darn good ideas and grinning because sometimes I actually listen to them.  Maybe a day later, but it still counts as listening, right?  The thing is, why on Earth would I crowd us at a little table, when now we can eat without worrying about lefties and righties and elbow-bumping?  And who am I kidding, really?  We will find a grand table and chairs {on the cheap} for the "real" dining room and odds are.... we will never even eat in there.  Isn't it true?

Anyway, dear Husband - you have wonderful ideas, more than on occasion.  I'm sorry it takes me a little while to grasp them.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

brightening up the kitchen with my new most favorite color.

Oh boy, is my back sore tonight.  I'm feeling the affects of painting all day long.  But it's all worth it, when I step into my kitchen and see this...

And in case you are wondering what it looked like before...

I removed the vino-adorned wallpaper border and painted a lovely yellow {Pyramid Gold} over that 90's peach color.  I am so absolutely stunned and amazed at the difference a little paint can make and the yellow just illuminates the kitchen so nicely.  I could spend all day happily, cooking in here now!  If only food preparation brought me the same excitement as decorating.

*I love this color so much, I also used it to paint the upstairs bathroom!  Just a few accessories and new towels to add, and photos will be posted!

what i've been wearing.

This week I have a theme with the outfits I'm wearing.  Not to question your intelligence, but I'll tell you anyway.  It's stripes and solids.  I can't get enough of them.  In fact, the first dress is a purchase my daughters made me make, because it is "totally you, mom."  And not wanting to disappoint, I caved in and spent the money even though I am not quite sure about the asymmetrical thing going on.  And you might also notice my photos are not the usual "in the mirror - holding a camera" type I am oh-so comfortable with.  What can I say?  I got bored.

Charlotte Russe dress, Payless sandals
Banana Republic skirt, Gap top, Franco Sarto sandals
Loft maxi dress, Loft cardigan, Old Navy flip flops


***I like shopping for clothes.  It's a weakness.  But I also like hanging out in sweats and pajamas.  Posting my outfits helps me keep my budget in balance while also keeping my cute stuff from going to waste.  Plus I'm just a big girly-girl who likes to play dress-up.  Every wednesday I link up with The Pleated Poppy and on fridays, with Two Thirty-five Designs.  Click on the cute boxes below to see what I'm talking about!

pleated poppy

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a sad case of banana bread.

You know those times, when you're set out to do something incredibly simple and easy and good, but something happens suddenly that stinks big-time, and you wonder, "why me?"  Although the simple solution is to stop doing things that are simple and easy and good, it's unfortunately not the right solution {drat}.  We must keep our chin up and strive for goodness.  But this isn't a post in which I try to tell you how to live your life.  This is simply a story about Elyssa who, just yesterday, decided she wanted to make banana bread, while she was home alone.  Upon discovering the cupboards were bare of sugar {and croutons and nail polish remover, but obviously not for the banana bread -please}, she took it upon herself to drive to the store and purchase some.  And when she was in the parking lot, her car was rear-ended in one of those frustrating hit-and-run kind of ways.  Anyway, she was not a happy camper, rightfully so, but she was unharmed and her car walked away with only some scratches.  It's a hard lesson, having your car damaged by people who care not to face the error of their ways.  It's also a tough lesson, trying to do something nice and mature and responsible and thoughtful for your family, only to have to call them and tell them your car just got hit.

In the end, Elyssa drove home and finished making her banana bread.  And it was delicious.  And those people who hit her car don't get to have a slice.  And that helps me sleep at night.  I might have a vindictive side.  Maybe.

Thank you, Elyssa - for your thoughtfulness.
And especially for your banana bread.

Monday, August 27, 2012

first day of our new schools.

It's really hard to believe school is already here.  The summer flew by, with all of the changes we have made and the time it has taken to move across the country.  Today is the day we all were most nervous about, in all of our decision-making regarding to move-or not to move.  Can our kids handle a new school?  Is it going to be hard because they are in middle school?  Are we strong enough?  Do we really want to put them through these changes?  Although moving to Pittsburgh, in it's entirety, has made us stronger and closer as a family, today we learned that YES!  We can handle a new school and we can make new friends and we can enjoy new teachers and new classes and new ways of learning.  Today my children learned what they are capable of, even when they felt nervous beyond belief before stepping onto the bus.  They came home smiling and excited and ready to share the details of their day. And yes, they even made friends.  And yes, they even had someone to eat with at lunch.  The things a mom worries about.  And yes, they even want to go back to school tomorrow.

The photo shoot...

Elyssa is off to school too!

McKenna spies her neighbor friend.  Time to walk to the bus stop...

all the way on the corner of our lot.

Goodbye McKenna!  Be brave little Piglet.

A nervous Jackson.

Not quite sure he wants to do this...

but he does anyway.  Phew.

Goodbye, Jackson!  Smile and say hi to your classmates!

And then they come home!!!!  Boy have I missed them.

A good first day, indeed.


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