Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a sad case of banana bread.

You know those times, when you're set out to do something incredibly simple and easy and good, but something happens suddenly that stinks big-time, and you wonder, "why me?"  Although the simple solution is to stop doing things that are simple and easy and good, it's unfortunately not the right solution {drat}.  We must keep our chin up and strive for goodness.  But this isn't a post in which I try to tell you how to live your life.  This is simply a story about Elyssa who, just yesterday, decided she wanted to make banana bread, while she was home alone.  Upon discovering the cupboards were bare of sugar {and croutons and nail polish remover, but obviously not for the banana bread -please}, she took it upon herself to drive to the store and purchase some.  And when she was in the parking lot, her car was rear-ended in one of those frustrating hit-and-run kind of ways.  Anyway, she was not a happy camper, rightfully so, but she was unharmed and her car walked away with only some scratches.  It's a hard lesson, having your car damaged by people who care not to face the error of their ways.  It's also a tough lesson, trying to do something nice and mature and responsible and thoughtful for your family, only to have to call them and tell them your car just got hit.

In the end, Elyssa drove home and finished making her banana bread.  And it was delicious.  And those people who hit her car don't get to have a slice.  And that helps me sleep at night.  I might have a vindictive side.  Maybe.

Thank you, Elyssa - for your thoughtfulness.
And especially for your banana bread.

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