Friday, August 3, 2012

all moved in. and now the fun part.

From the outside, the house looks pretty and simple and clean.  I replaced the previous owner's faded floral wreath with my wooden flower wreath from Target.  And we found this new welcome mat at Home Depot, which ties in the door and shutter colors perfectly.  Awesomeness.  The inside of the house, however, is a completely different story.  A total mess.  Well, I might be speaking a bit on the dramatic side.  It's not a total mess as of right now.  Box by box, things are finding their place in the house and it's starting to look a little bit amazing.  And a lot bit like home.  

The movers arrived this morning at 8am and finished up before 3pm.  It was hot and humid and those four mover guys busted their buns loading all of our stuff inside, while the rest of us got busy opening boxes and putting things away.  And only two awkward things happened in all that process.  Awkward thing number one:  The movers had just started unloading the truck this morning and I had to use the restroom, but didn't want them to hear me {please tell me you can relate}, so Husband told me to just use the bathroom next to the dining room because there's "no way they'll be bringing in the dining room table anytime soon."  So I went to do my business and while was in there, guess what?  The guys brought in the dining room table!  And then they chatted for a while outside the bathroom door.  Nice.  So, I was just stuck behind the closed door, trying to pretend I didn't exist, paralyzed with fear.  Awkward thing number two:  This one is another bathroom story.  Sorry {no I'm not}.  This time the movers were getting ready to leave and they were all upstairs, so I snuck down to the basement to use the bathroom.  I swear I only potty'd, but the toilet clogged with toilet paper and water rose to the very top.  Drat.  I walk-of-shamed up the stairs to mouth the word "plunger?" to husband, who was talking to the movers.  And Husband replied as loud as he could, "What?"  And of course everyone turned to look at me and I couldn't say what, so I laughed.  Which made everyone wonder why I was laughing...

I left it at that, but Husband heard the guys laughing later that "the wife clogged the toilet."  Embarrassing.  I didn't even poop!  And it's not like I could stand up for myself and clarify their misunderstanding.  They just got to leave, thinking whatever they thought about me clogging the toilet.

Does anyone have a plunger I can borrow?

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