Saturday, August 18, 2012

becoming those crazy neighbors.

Yester-evening the eldest daughter suddenly had an idea that card-boarding down the grassy hills in the neighborhood park would be great fun.  And we all agreed heartily that we'd love to give it a shot.  And our new little neighbor-friend decided to join us, even though she had never heard of such a sport. Unfortunately, the grass was damp and not perfect for grass-sledding.  Fortunately, those small details never really stop us from repetitive trying.  When the cardboard failed, we brought out the snow sleds and the Pam cooking spray.  We classy like that.

Andale!  Arriba!

This is Elyssa's Serious Face While Doing something Fun.

How to keep sliding even when the cardboard stops.

How to look edible-y cute.

How to wear a new Pittsburgh Penguins hat with much style.

All was fun and great and swell as usual, until I decided that I needed a turn.  I maybe had a little too much fun.
How to scare a neighbor kid.

When I was done being the silly awkward mom, our little neighbor friend suddenly said that her mom probably wanted her to come home now.  She had no cell phone on her person {although I can't swear she doesn't lack a telepathy thing with her mom}, so it wasn't like her mom was trying to contact her.  I might have weirded her out a wee bit on accident.  And I said so to Elyssa, who in turn said, "Maybe her mom told her it's time to come home when the mom starts acting crazy."  Oh Elyssa, you funny.  


  1. Ha ha! Looks like such a fun time! I'm not sure about becoming the crazy neighbors, but definitely the coolest!

    1. Ahhhh... I wish I could reach through the computer and give you a big hug! That was sweet. :)

  2. Try this when it snows and the neighbor will not think you are crazy! Looks like all had fun and that is AWESOME! By the way, Elyssa had a very good point!


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