Wednesday, August 22, 2012

camping out. or in.

With my youngest and middlest both considered "middle-schoolers"once school starts next week, I am trying to enjoy what youth they have left.  For most of their little lives, I couldn't wait for the day that they wouldn't ask to crawl into bed with me.  I painfully loooooonged for a generally accepted standard of a respectable night's sleep.  Each night I would hear the pitter-patter of cute, horrible, little feet sneaking down the hallway and into my room and then I would find myself either squished up in my bed with the alien invader, or else down the hall, stuffed into the alien invader's tiny bed, with a little foot on my butt and a little hand across my face.  Comfortable, yes?  Why, no.  But last night I invited the children into my room to sleep {only we're calling it "camp"}.  Of course, Husband is out of town so I completely had his permission to go nuts.  And it was really nice having those kids with me.  After some talking, laughing, and synchronized phoning, we nestled into our pillows and zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Will I ever miss the sound of those little midnight feet?
Don't count on it.
Well, probably a little.

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