Tuesday, August 14, 2012

carnegie science center to pass the time.

Miss college-student Elyssa had her math placement test this morning, so we all {the kids and I} woke up early and drove her downtown to partake in that super fun excitement.  While we waited, we decided to try very hard to have as much fun as we knew she was having.  The Carnegie Science Museum was an absolutely perfect solution to our dilemma.  Woot woot!

And in other good news, all of the stuff I didn't get done yesterday?  Well, that all got done today!  It was a good, productive day indeed!  Elyssa is now driving with a PA license and she was approved for in-state tuition at her college!  Most colleges have a rule that a student must be a resident of that state for one year to qualify for in-state tuition.  But did you know there are sometimes exceptions to that rule?  We didn't either, until Elyssa actually read the college handbook {she might be the only human ever to read one of those things}.  We discovered that since we moved for a job relocation, we were an exception.  And with proof, we were able to qualify for in-state costs.  I am definitely going to keep that in mind when it's time for me to finish my degree.

Today Elyssa also got quite the surprise after taking her placement exam.  She figured she did horribly. Well, not horribly, but she just didn't leave the test feeling 100% confident.  And then she met with her advisor who was very excited to tell her that she is one of four students he has ever met with to be placed in Calculus, based on the placement test.  Calculus?  Are you serious?  Can she really even be my daughter?  So, she quickly asked if she could take pre-calc instead.  Why begin the year with a hellish math class if you don't have to, right?  Smart girl. 

So, all that's left to do is immunizations.  Which is a pretty big deal, if you know my son.  Seriously... wish me luck.

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