Monday, August 27, 2012

first day of our new schools.

It's really hard to believe school is already here.  The summer flew by, with all of the changes we have made and the time it has taken to move across the country.  Today is the day we all were most nervous about, in all of our decision-making regarding to move-or not to move.  Can our kids handle a new school?  Is it going to be hard because they are in middle school?  Are we strong enough?  Do we really want to put them through these changes?  Although moving to Pittsburgh, in it's entirety, has made us stronger and closer as a family, today we learned that YES!  We can handle a new school and we can make new friends and we can enjoy new teachers and new classes and new ways of learning.  Today my children learned what they are capable of, even when they felt nervous beyond belief before stepping onto the bus.  They came home smiling and excited and ready to share the details of their day. And yes, they even made friends.  And yes, they even had someone to eat with at lunch.  The things a mom worries about.  And yes, they even want to go back to school tomorrow.

The photo shoot...

Elyssa is off to school too!

McKenna spies her neighbor friend.  Time to walk to the bus stop...

all the way on the corner of our lot.

Goodbye McKenna!  Be brave little Piglet.

A nervous Jackson.

Not quite sure he wants to do this...

but he does anyway.  Phew.

Goodbye, Jackson!  Smile and say hi to your classmates!

And then they come home!!!!  Boy have I missed them.

A good first day, indeed.


  1. Phew! I'm so glad they had good first days. Off to a great start for the new school/new school year. :)

  2. It was great to see happy faces going to school and coming back home! So happy they made friends on the first day! A good start to a good year!


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