Thursday, August 2, 2012

goodbye ugly carpet.

According to the fine residents of Pittsburgh-land, we are having a rare {rare, my butt} heat wave these days, which is causing this family to drip moisture out of our pores constantly.  Even with the air conditioner running in the house, any sort of minimal physical exertion {such as breathing or sighing} can cause extreme perspiration.  Ick.  And so ripping the carpet from two bedrooms, pulling out zillions of carpet staples with pliers, yanking nails out of the wood floor, scrubbing away old paint stains, and then mopping with wood floor cleaner.... we literally melted onto the floor.

Look at how nicely Husband put in the transition piece for the carpet edge!  And he didn't even need to Google it.  And when I Googled it and told him what supplies he needed, he even pretended that I told him something he didn't already know.  What a guy.

So, while Husband finished up the floor {because we ALL chipped in to help}, the rest of us tried our best to cool off on the floor and stay as still as possible.  It will be so nice to have some furniture in this joint.

Tomorrow the movers bring us our truck load of stuff!  It's going to be like Christmas {only the kind of Christmas where you wrap up all your own stuff just to open it again}.  

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  1. The floors look great! Great job Thomas! And I feel your pain, it has been between 94 an 106 degrees each day, humidity 100%! I drip every time I go outside! But it does cool down to maybe 89 in the evening! lol


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