Wednesday, August 15, 2012

immunization day. always never fun for kids and moms alike.

It turns out this area of Pittsburgh is amidst a shortage of doctors.  At least that is what I was told by the Walgreen's doctor.  And so far, what she said seems to ring true for this mom and her new patients who can't get a call back from any pediatric clinics.  Oh, I'll keep trying alright.  But it was wonderful to discover that Walgreen's has a Take Care Clinic for such needs as vaccines and sports physicals.  And we had a particularly successful and pleasant experience getting our chicken pox shots today {even though we HATE shots in this family}.  The doctor was absolutely fantastic with the kids and if I hadn't told them about the bribe surprise I had for them if they sucked it up and got er done, I am sure the kids would have still come out of that experience feeling chipper.

Anyway, being new in a place and suddenly finding myself slammed with trying to get vaccines before school starts all-to-soon, I am happy to recommend and pass on this information to anyone else in my boat.  Both Walgreen's and CVS have these clinics, and although they definitely should not replace a family doctor and routine visits, totally acceptable in a pinch.  Also - clean, friendly, and convenient.


  1. Silly doctors. Who needs them anyway?! Oh, wait we all do:-(
    Hope you can find one before you are searching in desperation. My fingers are crossed for you!

    1. Oh boy, I wish we didn't need doctors. But I am glad we have them. :)


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