Friday, August 10, 2012

in a constant state of navigational lost.

I'm one of those unfortunate types, who must get lost first, before learning to find my way around.  Even the constant use of a GPS is no match for my ability to turn a 5-minute drive into 45 minutes.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Driving in circles.   Then suddenly getting all excited because I think I know where I am!  And then driving in circles again because I actually have no idea where I am.  The map in my head is just not the same as the map in reality.  It's all very frustrating and funny at the same time.  But I truly cannot wait for the day when all of this Pittsburgh place is familiar and running to the grocery store for ketchup does not mean dinner is at 9pm that night.

So far I know this: If I drive down one side of the hill, I can get to the post office, library, and sandwich shop.  If I drive down the other side of the hill, I can get to Shop and Save, Chuck E. Cheese, and the freeway.  Well, now that I have that figured out, it sounds like I'm set!  I mean, where else could I possibly need to go???

Off to print those Chuck E. Cheese coupons!

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