Thursday, August 2, 2012

making friends.

Imagine me sneaking a quick picture out of our side door window, because that's exactly what I am doing to capture this photo.  Today McKenna and Jackson got to see who belonged to the basketball hoop and play set in the next door neighbor's backyard.  Three children live right next door: one will go to school with McKenna and one will go to school with Jack.  They each have someone to ride the school bus with and walk into school with on that first big, giant day!  Could it get any better than that?  

And it turns out that the neighborhood is crawling with kids.  Today there was even a lemonade stand set up down the street!  It warms my heart to know my children will have friends so close to home.  Soon kids will be running through the house, asking if they can walk to the pool or ride bikes or have something to drink!  It shall be marvelous and I shall appreciate the opportunity to watch my children grow new friendships.

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