Monday, August 27, 2012

new wilmington, pennsylvania.

The children were off to school today {more to come on that, of course}, so I found myself with some time to explore.  About an hour's drive north of Pittsburgh, is the peaceful, little borough of New Wilmington.  I ran across this place in a tour book and wanted to see it for myself.  I am scouting out places I think will be amazing to take my family in the fall, when the leaves are in prime autumn color scheme.  This borough will be revisited for sure.  What can I say to describe this place, really?  There is a cute downtown area, with a few shops, restaurants and coffee houses that sit along one main intersection.  And any of the four directions you take from that intersection will lead you to close-knit, established neighborhoods and then onto farm-type stores and old auction buildings, and then onto farmhouses and barns and livestock.  Some houses are large and white and simple, while others are extravagant and showy.  The reason New Wilmington caught my attention is because of the Amish farms that are found in the surrounding areas and most of the Amish who live here ride into town in horse-drawn buggies.  There is just something about their lifestyle that I am drawn to and I wanted to feel part of it, even just if only to see it for myself.

When entering New Wilmington, you'll be greeted by these signs...

after driving these scenic roads.

You'll see farms...

and antique shops...

Amish furniture shops...

and quaint restaurants.

You'll see simple, white houses with rows of quilts, dresses, and white shirts drying on lines.

You'll be warned of horse carriages ahead, but you might not believe it...

Until you see one!

And another one crossing the main intersection of town!

And you'll want to eat at Tavern on the Square.  I know I do.

And more sights you'll see in town...

As you leave, you'll probably see another buggy leaving too.

And another one coming into town.

 I do love the city, but sometimes I feel I could give it all up for the country life.

I'm not sure being 7 miles away from a Premium Outlet Mall is considered the country, but it sure sounds like my kind of country!


  1. This town is adorable and there are so many just like it! Some will be smaller some larger, but they all extend from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Bird in the Hand, Paradise, Intercourse, Ephrata, and Lititz are some of the names of the towns. Stay in Amish B&B's if you can. Delightful!

  2. Since I didn't leave my house today. ( painting in progress) I live vicariously through you! What a wonderful day we had! ha ha It was beautiful!

  3. You'll get used to the buggies soon enough. The town we used to live in was nicknamed "The Gateway to the Amish Community (sounds weird and mysterious, right?). We had hitching posts at WalMart. Definitely order some pie at one of those quaint restaurants. The Amish know their baked goods!


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