Sunday, August 12, 2012

once a seahawks fan, always a seahawks fan.

Dearest Pittsburgh friends,

We understand the passion yinz have for your black and gold.  We hear your implied threats every time we have the opportunity to meet someone new, "You gonna become a Stillers fan?" *wink wink.  You aren't even asking a question, you're telling us what we're going to do.  You gonna become a Stillers fan.  And yes, of course we will become fans of the hometown team.  We roll like that. In fact, we love nothing more than getting sucked into the masses.  So, stop the weird winking and the creepy chortling and the gentle elbow prodding, as you "encourage" us greatly to better like the Steelers.
HOWEVER {yes that's a big however}, we LOVE our Seattle Seahawks {yes that one team you beat in the Superbowl}.  We will always love our Seahawks.  And you better believe our eyes will be tuned to their games.  Even when the game starts at 7pm west coast time, which means 10pm east coast time for us, which means staying up until the wee hours of the morning to see it through to the end.  So there.

BTW - there is no way we will be staying up to watch games that start at 10pm, no matter how big we dream it.  Last night we made it until 11pm.  I can hear Husband telling me,  But it's only preseason....

Anyway, thanks for understanding.  
Your friend in fanship,



  1. You all have enough spirit and love and loyalty to have lots of sports teams in your life to follow!!!!

  2. I am a die hard, dye in the wool, never to be otherwise, Seahawks fan. Always have been and always will be. You and yours, my family as well, consider my support always in being a fan
    of the seahawks right along side of you.

  3. 2 things i love in this world... my steelers and my college... just saying


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