Sunday, August 19, 2012

once upon a weekend.

Good news:  We took Elyssa to her college campus {one of two campuses} and found her classrooms.
She starts her first class tomorrow morning!  Yikes!

Bad news:  One classroom is disguised as a broom closet, which is always encouraging and never scary.

Disturbing news:  A poorly-timed kitty-present during dinner.

Cute news:  Cabinet/drawer pulls on sale at Anthropologie, during a much needed "Mom needs a moment alone" break at the mall.

Even cuter news:  Doesn't Mr. Owl look swell on my drawer?

Adventurous news:  A family excursion to the amusement park!  We came, we ate, we rode, we didn't vomit, we conquered!

Boring news:  Garfield's Nightmare ride in 3D.  It was my nightmare.  But hey, at least we looked stylish!

Scary news:  Swinging so high I was upside down with my feet dangling over my head, only to be whooshed backwards to do it again even higher in the air.

Unrelenting news:  McKenna asks for another go on every ride.  

Delicious news:  I mean, just look at that ice cream!

Beyond crazy news:  Elyssa and Husband fly.  But before that, they free fall.  Video coming soon to the blog, you can be sure.

Local news:  Fresh Idaho fries.  From Idaho.  Fresh.  The wait in line was ridiculously long for these fries.  From Idaho.  That were fresh.  Aren't like all potatoes from Idaho?

Creepy news:  I might have entertained myself thoroughly by playing puppeteer with these two creepy monkeys, while we waited in line.  It turns out that I'm quite hilarious.  So if the teaching doesn't pan out...

Okay, okay.  The news bit is getting old and tired {not to be compared with myself}.  As we drove home from Kennywood, we detoured a little to drive by the Heinz Field stadium where the Steelers are/were playing tonight.  What an exciting sight!  All the people.  All the black.  All the yellow.  It's quite amazing, really.  And for a moment I thought I might enjoy seeing a game one day, if the opportunity ever arose.  That is huge, people.

And then it happened... I became addicted to Downtown Abbey.  After making fun of people who liked it while having no idea what it actually was, I am ashamed.  This is good TV.

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  1. Isn't Dame Maggie Smith snarky and hilarious? She gets the best lines. "What is a week-end?"


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