Thursday, August 30, 2012

painting the potty room.

One bathroom finished!  This is the hallway bathroom that the kids primarily use, so I wanted it to be nice, bright, and fun.  I'm all about working with what I already have and making inexpensive decor purchases to spruce things up.  In this case, the blue tub and tile.  Replacing that would be a cost and a chore!  In real life, I love the color {maybe not particularly for my tub} and I thought I could try to make it look purposeful.  You know, like I REALLY wanted a blue tub.  There was also that coastal wallpaper border to contend with. What was I going to do with that thing?  One one hand, I love lighthouses and the beach!  On the other hand, it is a wallpaper border and that might be "uncool."  What to do, what to do?

Well, as you know, I painted my kitchen yellow and I absolutely love the color.  And once I was finished, I had paint left over...enough for a small bathroom!!!  And then it hit me - A beach theme! -  the blue tile {ocean} and the yellow paint {sunshine}!  It's marvelous!  I even decided to leave the wallpaper border up, as uncool as it may be, because it helps bring the colors together and it's fun.  A quick run out to Home Goods {my new favorite decor store}, and I found two framed shell pictures and striped towels with THE EXACT SAME blue as the tub/tile!  Ba-Bam!

See below.  The ocean and and the sunshine!  Am I right?

And just so you know what I had to work with, below are the "Before" photos...

Goodbye, marbly-blue!  

And after... Hello, Mellow Yellow!

And now onto the next room project...


  1. cute! I love the new color

    1. Thank you! It's a happy color, that's for sure!


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