Thursday, August 23, 2012

starting with the easy projects. the office.

I've allowed myself some time to adjust to my surroundings and find my way around this new town and this new house.  I'm slow to get my bearings {I still can't tell you east from west at any given point in time}, but I am making progress with each new day.  Driving home from the grocery store last night, I managed to take my son and I in a complete circle right back to the store, before finding my way home.  I laugh because it's all I can do.  I'm done crying over those things {finally}.  Life has really slowed down in these last days after the rush of school orientations and doctors appointments, etc.  Now that everything is seemingly settled, I am beginning to feel motivated to start ripping down wallpaper and get to painting.  I'm trying to wait until the kids are all in school next week, to really get started on the larger projects, but I am finding little tasks to sneak and get done when the kids aren't acting too desperately bored and in need of attention.  Speaking of needing attention, I am crossing my fingers that some friendships are built quickly once school starts because there's an almost certain possibility that we are developing some loneliness in this house and we are quite oppositely a social bunch.  And I'm sure you can imagine how absolutely fun it is to be around bored kids who have NOTHING to do.  Sure, I'm fine to be alone all day watching Downton Abbey, but my kids need other kids to be loud and obnoxious with.  I know it will happen and I should be very careful what I wish for, but I look forward to seeing them playing with friends.

So anyway, back to the subject {why is it so easy to get sidetracked} - home projects!  Yesterday I tackled the easy job of painting the trim in the office/guest bedroom.  I know there's no bed in there as of yet, but it's all in the works.  It's always amazing to me, the power of paint.  Even just a clean, white trim can pull a room together.  Now if only someone could come visit!

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