Monday, August 13, 2012

the finishing touches.

The last item removed from our Spokane house was this beautiful garden stone that the kids had made with their Grandma and Papa.  It lived proudly next to our driveway for all of our seven years in that house.  Somehow, lifting it out of the ground {as the one final task before the movers came}, added to the finality of life in Spokane.  

And now, as the boxes have all been unpacked and items are slowly finding their place, the stone has a new home next to the driveway in our Pittsburgh home.  Somehow, these finishing touches make this house feel more and more like home everyday.  Just when I think it feels like home, I'll nail something else to the wall or put something out and then it will really feel even more like home.  I'll say something each day like:

Now that the clock is hung in the kitchen, it really feels like home.

Ooh, the longhorns above the fireplace mean we are home.

The polkadot candle sconces in the dining room... that feels like home.

The plethora of silver-framed photos in the hallway, that's totally home now.

and now...

The garden stone outside near the driveway, means we're home.

But really, it's my family that makes this place home.  I know that.
This stuff just enhances the goodness we have and the memories we create together.
We are home.

P.S. Thank you for your encouraging comments after my rough day.  I feel much better tonight and re-energized.  Tomorrow is a new day and I will conquer my to-do list with the help of my children.  It's amazing how much love and support they bring me.  My husband too.  I am so very lucky and feel loved tonight as I prepare to drift off to sleep.  One moment at a time.  That's what I have to remember.  

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