Friday, August 17, 2012

the fun part. decorating!

When I was growing up, especially during my teen years, I absolutely loved decorating my bedroom.  At one point my room looked like a country store, with so many knickknacks and trinkets.  I had an obsession with peach and green and pigs and cows and all that craft-fair-style flair {apparently what I thought was cool was just my 80-year-old self visiting from the future}.  Every little thing had it's special place on my shelves and dressers, arranged just how I wanted.  And all these years later, I still love decorating.  Now, I'm totally not a professional and I certainly don't have wads of cash to blow on furniture, but I do love working with what I already have.  When I have an empty space, in my mind I know exactly what I want for it and there's nothing more thrilling than when I finally find it at the store or garage sale or make it myself {especially when it's cheap, cheap, cheap}!  I am going to enjoying filling this house up with all kinds of pretty stuff, I just know it!  For now, here'e what I've got going on in the entry way, the family room, and the living room...

The Entrance

For now, I've arranged this space very simply and clean, but I see that cool corner on the right as a place to celebrate the seasons and holidays.  We have the perfect tall, skinny Christmas tree for that very spot.  And I am excited to do something there for Halloween too.  I've never had an entryway, so I'm going to need to experiment a little with it.  

The Family Room

In our previous house, seating was always a problem with the rooms being so small cozy.  The five of us couldn't sit comfortably in one room together to watch tv.  And having company over?  Forget about it.  I have a photo of both of my parents squeezed into one chair watching television and although no one ever complained and we still made the most of what we had, it still bugged me.  Not anymore!  This sectional, the fireplace, and the tv... we are all hooked up and can enjoy being together in one room.

The Living Room

Ahhhh, the living room.  The room that we haven't quite figured out a use for, but I am enjoying the decorating all the same.  I just need two large framed prints, a long thin table, a lamp for that table, and a tall plant.  And that should settle that.

Now for that empty dining room...


  1. Everything looks so great already! I was the exact same way with decorating my room as a kid! I would re-do it all the time just for the fun of it. I can't wait to decorate a whole house.

    I look forward to seeing the kitchen!


  2. I love what you have done in every room! Love the sectional, love the flowing white curtains, love the entry way and I will so enjoy seeing the seasonal decorations that will be going on, You have always had a wonderful decorating touch!


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