Thursday, August 23, 2012

the little girl made pb&j.

There are still times when this house feels like a vacation rental, rather than my home.  For one, I'm not yet used to the size {totally not complaining} and secondly, there are so many conveniences that are built in.  This house reminds me of a home my parents might rent for a week, to entertain the grandkids  {minus a lake or ocean near by}.  There are enough rooms/beds for comfortable sleeping, a nice kitchen for cooking, a non-scary laundry room, and rooms to be social in and rooms to hide out in and nap.  I'd walk into those rental homes and say, "Wow!  I could live here!"  And that's how I still feel about my home, "Wow!  I could live here!"  But I do live here.  I just need to get that through my big head.  Part of me longs for the autumn weather, so I'll be trapped inside beside the warm fire, watching football games with the family and knowing I am really home.

I can sense the kids have similar feelings, maybe feeling like guests in this house.  But we are all coming around.  McKenna suddenly decided that the floral wallpaper in her room {that came with the house} is actually a keeper.  We were going to rip it down and slather on some bright paint, but she wants to put those plans aside for now.  She also offered to make us all lunch today, exploring the kitchen a little bit and getting comfortable.  Of course, everyone knows where the snacks are kept {some things never change} and stuff still collects on the kitchen counter, no matter the house.  And shoes still gather by the front door, while lego pieces are drizzled on every piece of furniture in the house, like sprinkles on cupcakes.  And of course, things amass on the bottom steps, awaiting a lift upstairs to the appropriate bedrooms.

We know we are home, even when we don't.

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  1. enjoy this feeling! it will be gone before you know it.


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