Thursday, August 16, 2012

the real deal.

Mornings here have been pretty awesome.  All of our windows are operable and have screens {unlike our previous pad}, so I love opening them up to the fresh, cool air.  The cat especially loves this new ritual as well.  I am also very much in love with the view from my kitchen window, which allows me to look yonder o'er the beautiful flowers.  I'm spoiled much.


Happy is McKenna, to Skype with her bff each evening.  In the above photos, she is giving her friend a tour and stepping outside to watch Husband and Jackson toss the football.  This particular evening, we had a few of our neighbors gathered in our front yard, introducing themselves and welcoming us to the neighborhood.  It was a good evening.  We are surrounded by good people.  And we are still keeping friendships with old friends too.

One week in the hood and we are off to a neighborhood luau!  Eek! 

Are we sure we want to go?  We can always turn around and go home! 

So we're here, we don't know anyone, and you're really going to take my picture right now? 

Yep, and I'm going to take my own picture too!  


Real is my daughter secretly video-taping me driving around lost and oblivious.
Here's 5 whole minutes to make you think twice about ever getting in a car with me.
She started taping right after I turned too quickly and found myself back on a busy freeway, having to circle around downtown Pittsburgh to get back on track.

Happy Thursday!  As with every Thursday, I'm linking up with the beautiful women of Like Mother, Like Daughter!  

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  1. Love all your photos, and, now, can you imagine ever NOT opening windows??

    1. No I can't! Fresh air is the best! Thanks for visiting!


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