Thursday, August 2, 2012

thou shalt not pronounce it steelers.

Although it is indeed spelled S-t-e-e-l-e-r-s, only an idiot would pronounce it that way.
It's Stillers.  

We have been fairly warned by all Pittsburgh-ites we come into contact with, that no matter where we hail from, we are to forget every team we ever had the misfortune to root for and from hence forth, we are to only cheer for Pittsburgh black and yellow {or sometimes gold}.  And participating in "black & gold fridays" {much like casual friday, only in spirit colors} would behoove us greatly and win us brilliant friends and admirers.  

I am simply fascinated to see what happens to this city during football season.

Go Stillers!  


  1. NoooOOOOoooo! You've gone to the dark side! Go Seahawks :)

    1. We will ALWAYS love our Seahawks and they will remain our number one team, I promise! LOL! We are paying extra for satellite so we can still watch the games. But whenever we mention the Seahawks in this area, we get shot down and told to keep hush hush about it. Funny, right? And scary?


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