Friday, August 24, 2012

tranquility. well except for the noisy bugs.

I've been busy adjusting to the longer time it takes to do things in a larger city {little Spokane spoiled us completely}.  My GPS tells me the approximate time I will arrive at each destination and I have learned to tack on an additional 10 to 20 minutes for red lights {how long can they stay red, really?} and getting lost {totally my own fault}.  Running errands takes a great deal more time than I am used to and I find myself feeling like the day is over way too early.  But what I'd like to do, when I finally have make time {is that a joke?} is really just enjoy my yard.  I'd love to sit out there on the deck and chat it up or get cozy with a good read.  Doesn't that sound lovely?

Well, it will have to wait because this weekend we are whooping it up in Western New York!  We have to see the famous falls where Superman rescued that dumb, little boy who fell over the edge and then Lois Lane started to put it together that when Superman shows up, Clark is never around.  Yeah, uh-huh, you know what it is!  Niagara Falls, yo.

We're spending the weekend in New York, darlings.
{I hope you read that in your snootiest Hampton's voice}
Have a delightful weekend.


  1. Beautiful flowers! The deck is wonderful, it just looks like the perfect place to read a book! Plus, you will have to go out to the Hamptons (Long Island) so you can get your Hampton voice just right!

  2. I am always a little jealous that you are two steps ahead of me. I am still currently in the getting lost stage...waiting at long red lights and still might have two boxes to unpack. ( which I have abandoned to paint my daughter's room)
    I hope NY is fun and we are looking forward to exploring a bit next weekend!


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