Thursday, August 9, 2012

we love having our big sister home.

I'm happily doing my {pretty, happy, funny, realz} out of order this week!  I want to start out fun and end on a heartwarmingly mushy note.  

Poor Jackson.  I was trying to teach the kids how to dive today, but Jackson's knees were having none of it.  He'd start out great, but couldn't let his head touch the water before his knees.  What I do love about this kid is his sense of humor and ability to find the funny even in the frustration.

Real is watching your little sister learn to dive on her very first try.  And then watching her take it to the diving board.  And then listening to her try to give you advice, even though you're older and wiser.  Real is when you say, "McKenna will be diving in the Olympics by the time I learn to dive."

Keep trying, big brother!  You'll be diving before you know it!  You're the bees "knees."


An evening walk around the neighborhood with Husband.  Something we never did when we lived on our busy Spokane street.  I love our hood.


Elyssa is our big high school graduate, so she's at that independent age where she can go out and explore with friends.  She's always been given the freedom to do so and when she decided to stay and play a bit longer in Spokane and Portland, I was very encouraging.  We all missed her presence on our road trip and in our first days in our new house, but went on and had our own fun, knowing we would be reunited with her again very soon.  Every once in a while, one of us would say aloud that we wished she could see what we were seeing, but we knew she was having fun too.

I didn't really realize it until we happily picked that girl up from the airport this morning {she flew the red-eye all night long, poor thing}, but suddenly her existence was more fulfilling than I could have imagined.  We are a group of five and we like it that way.  There is a feeling {especially for a mother} of completeness when all the little birds are settled into the nest.  And when that one eldest little bird walks into her new room, sits down on her familiar bed, and says aloud, "It feels like home," I'm pretty sure that's every parent's dream, right there.  I didn't get to hear those actual words uttered from her mouth, but Husband did.  And to hear a father's joy in recanting what he heard - that's pretty perfect.

I love this family.  And we are home.

round button chicken


  1. It all looks pretty "happy" to me. I'm so glad you have everyone home safe!

  2. It is so nice to have everyone home now! It sure sounds like everyone is ready for school!

  3. Oh and I love the shadows picture!


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