Tuesday, August 7, 2012

what i've been wearing.

H&M top, Gap skirt, Dansko sandals
Nordstrom Rack top, ModBod lime tank, Calvin K. shorts from Costco, Dansko sandals 
Nordstrom Rack top, Loft denim shorts, Dansko sandals 
Loft tank, Target shorts, Dansko sandals 
 Anthropologie tee and skirt, Dansko sandals

For the past three weeks, I have either been on the road or moving into the new house, but I did manage to sneak in a few outfit photos from hotels and home.  I usually keep things pretty simple, but with the painful adjustment to humidity and all of the driving and physical labor that is moving across a country, I have been going extra uncomplicated in the clothing department - a top, a bottom, and my favorite sandals - check!


***I like shopping for clothes.  It's a weakness.  But I also like hanging out in sweats and pajamas.  Posting my outfits helps me keep my budget in balance while also keeping my cute stuff from going to waste.  Plus I'm just a big girly-girl who likes to play dress-up.  Every wednesday I link up with The Pleated Poppy and on fridays, with Two Thirty-five Designs.  Click on the cute boxes below to see what I'm talking about!

pleated poppy


  1. OK so not only are your clothes to.die.for but I love the variety of hairstyles you show here. I must confess I've gotten into a bit of a hair rut myself.
    I hope the move is successful. Im in NY and we've been hit hard by the humidity this year.
    Have a great week!

    1. I hadn't noticed my hairstyles, truthfully. I have been traveling and then unpacking boxes, so not a whole lot of time for blow drying hair. And that means I have to wear it up! Well, I'm happy to know I still look good even when I don't have time to do much!
      Thank you!!!

  2. Love the outfits! And those sandals are adorable and look so comfy. ;)

    Would love to have you drop by and enter my giveaway!
    CC's Cheap Chic


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