Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a first pittsburgh pirates baseball game.

Holy amazing view of the city!  Geewiz!

Are nine innings really necessary?

Thank goodness for technology.  

I'm not much of a baseball fan and I'm not very good at acting like I am, but occasionally I like to go to the games for the ambiance {and cracker jacks}.  And my mom LOVES baseball, so how could I not support that cause?  No, I had to suck it up and go.  

But, wow!  Ambiance was delivered.
The city backdrop was amazing.  It didn't even look real.  It was like Disneyland {only without any of the fun parts}.  I'm only joking, of course.  Kind of.  But seriously, that yellow bridge looked like something out of Toon Town - like a prop made to look like the real thing.  Like all things Las Vegas.  Only the bridge is very real, I assure you.

Anyhow, it was a wonderful final night with my mom here in Pittsburgh.  She is now on her way back to Portland, Oregon.  And I'm sure if the autumn leaves put on a good show this season, she will be tempted to turn right around and come back very soon!    

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