Thursday, September 6, 2012

a summer wrap-up via multitudes of instagram photos.

Enjoying first lazy days of summer, family park and dinner outings, a good read, and fort-building.

A late movie, a dinner date in Idaho, a summer cold, waiting at the DMV.

A day for best friends at Silverwood Amusement park.

Husband and I visit Pittsburgh for the home inspection.

A play date at Kennywood.

The kids spend a week with grandma and papa, Hoopfest basketball tournament, breakfast, movie nights, and reading in the sun.

4th of July s'mores, silly car rides.

Mini golf with the girls, restyling the kids' dressers.

Catching some rays, an empty house, dad comes home, packing.

More packing, swimming, moving boxes and trucks.

Silly straw faces, a road trip, across the country, more swimming.

Pittsburgh, reuniting with our cats, our new home, moving in.

A walk in the new neighborhood, an awkward neighborhood luau, a nap, the children's museum.

Decorating, getting dressed, watching Downton Abbey constantly, touring college, cat poop during dinner, more Kennywood.

Bumper cars, Idaho fries, two talking monkeys, and a first football game.

Sorry, no.  That's all the photos you get.  

It was a marvelously crazy-busy summer, that's for sure.  We began in Spokane and ended in Pittsburgh.  It was the perfect time to transition; a natural flow of things.  And a move disguised as a vacation?  What could be better than that?

Goodbye, Summer 2012!  

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  1. I love your pictures of your very busy and adventuresome summer! But I am going to be a little rebellious and not say goodbye to summer till the very last moment September. 21st! I


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